Roles and Jobs are meant to expand a character’s involvement in the setting and their abilities outside of combat. I am actively developing my own definition of this system and what will be appropriate for Menzoberranazan.

You may look through these for inspiration, but do not consider them set in stone. If you write a particularly compelling or engaging backstory, I can help to develop a Role or Job to fit the character concept.

Drow Specific Roles:

  1. House Scion
  2. House Weapons Master
  3. House Guard Captain
  4. Sorcere Professor
  5. Arach-Tinilith Professor
  6. Melee-Magthere Professor
  7. Priestess of Lolth
  8. City Watch or Army Lieutenant

Non-Drow Specific Roles:

  1. Heretic Priest
  2. Foreign Emissary
  3. Resistance Leader

Freely Open Roles:

  1. Mercenary Captain
  2. Master Craftsman or Artisan
  3. Established Merchant
  4. Wilderness/Tunnels Guide
  5. Slave Trader
  6. Arcane Researcher
  7. Drow House Mercenary Retainer

At this point, I will probably not outline the entire rules mechanics for each Job at this time. Instead, I will wait for players to pick the ones that fit with their characters, then stat those out. It will save me a lot of time and effort by not creating things that no one uses.


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