Many of the races typically presented in the 4e Core material do not have a home in the City of Spiders. Most non-Drow are slaves or traders, few choose to make the city a permanent home. The Population Breakdown should give you an idea for what to expect in the city. Anything not on the breakdown table will certainly stand out.


Drow are the primary focus of this campaign. In order to help players choose Drow wherever possible, I have split them into Male and Female with different ability adjustments for each. They will also have different racial encounter powers and feat access.

  • Female Drow: +2 Wisdom, and +2 Charisma or +2 Strength
  • Male Drow: +2 Charisma, and +2 Intelligence or +2 Dexterity
  • See the Drow Racial Optimization Table for an idea if your class build will fit with a Drow. Between Male and Female Drow, every class build should have at least one Primary stat covered.


Non-Drow will certainly have a more difficult time, but do not let that discourage you from coming up with the character concept you want to play. There are still good ideas for characters of many different races.

Due to the events of the War of the Spider Queen and the Spellplague, the face of Mezoberranzan has changed. Free Non-Drow do make up a small portion of the lowest class. They are tolerated, largely out of necessity, but have no real rights or privileges. A Non-Drow who has any sort of standing would likely be a mercenary or trader of some sort, spending a good deal of time traveling outside of the city. There are few opportunities inside the main cavern.

I have put together a list of other suggested races based on what may be found in Menzoberranazan. If the Female or Male Drow do not fit your class or character concept, you can check to see if one of these fits.

  • Suggested Race Optimization Table – This covers most of the other common races that would have a home in the Underdark. Apologies for the difficult nature of the table. It’s best to find a class/build then follow along until you find a race with a Primary or Optimal stat load.
  • Non-Drow are likely to have some sort of personal renown. They need some reason to be called upon, even if they get no respect. As a Paragon Tier character, there should be a number of reasons to be well known. Check the Roles section for some more ideas.


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