Character Creation

Your character will be in the Paragon Tier. Keep in mind that this means your character should have some medium amount of renown. You will be locally known, possibly the the son/daughter of a Matron, maybe a non-Drow who has earned a minimum level of respect in Menzoberranzan.

Level: The campaign starts with all characters at level 11. This means everyone will have a Paragon Path.

Background: All the Forgotten Realms backgrounds will be open, but it is highly unlikely that the character actually came from the region associated with the background. You may select the benefit you like, then work it into the character’s back story in some appropriate way.

Class: All classes from any WotC source are acceptable. This includes preview material. Please keep in mind that a class name is just a name, not a contract. The Assassin class does not mean that the character has to be an assassin, taking money to kill people. A Barbarian could easily be an assassin by profession, hiring his services out to the highest bidder. Please draw your own inspiration from the powers and abilities of a class mixed with your own character concept. Feel free to use the class guides from the WotC forums as a jumping off point.

Paragon Path: Again, all Paragon Classes from WotC source materials are open. Please incorporate the Paragon Class’ abilities into the character’s concept.

Race: Unfortunately this will be one of the more restrictive categories. Drow is by far the most prominent race in Menzoberranazan. Any other race will have limited rights and certainly face prejudice. Monster races (including ones from the MM series of books) are encouraged where appropriate. See the Population Breakdown table for an idea of what is likely to be seen in the city. To help make things easier for the players, there will be several subsets of Drow males and females with a variety of ability scores and powers.

Ability Scores: Use the standard Point Buy from the WotC Character Builder. One stat starts at 8, the other 5 start at 10. You have 22 points to spend raising scores.

Role or Job: This is similar to what WotC is doing with Themes in the Darksun setting. It is your character’s grounding in the campaign world. Examples include Drow House Heir, Sorcere Professor, Guild Craftsman, Town Watch Lieutenant, etc. There will be out of combat benefits and powers to spice up roleplay encounters and skill challenges. The idea is to give some structure to the character’s lifestyle. Many of these roles and jobs will be Race/Class specific.

Bonus Feats: 4e has many interesting and situational feats. Unfortunately these often take a back seat to the nearly mandatory proficiency, expertise or focus feats. Every character starts with two of those feats for free. This will help ease the “feat tax” and open up some of the more unique and less used feats.

Backstory: For me this is always the final step, though I suspect that some others may start here. On the Backstory page there is a list of idea seeds, but it does not cover every possibility. Skim the list and pick a concept to further develop or start your own fresh idea. Please make sure that the story incorporates elements of the character’s 4e stats and abilities. No need to write a novel, a couple of paragraphs will do.

Personality: I separate this from the Backstory section, since this is a more critical component to the character. Who are they now, what do they want and where are they going, what do they want? Try to cover some of those basic questions and other elements of their nature and demeanor in about one paragraph. As a DM, I can always look back at the Personality section to help tailor an encounter or gift to fit the PCs.

Character Creation

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