Flies in the City of Spiders

Gneissheart Labor Supply Inventory

Gneissheart Labor Supply

[Flyer posted in various Menzoberranzan trading establishments]


New Inventory:
Recent raids of the surface brought the usual Surbrin Valley orcs. A half dozen choice specimens have rudimentary weapon training and have been culled for separate auction. Bulk-rate on the rest with my standard discount for repeat custom. All suitable for heavy labor.

SPECIAL Four young Eladrin females!! Unsullied and unbroken, these haughty surfacers are sure to bring attention. What have you amassed your gold for, if not for the pleasure of breaking such as these!?

Recovered stock:
Recovery fee was paid for all escapees recovered.
The Minotaur gladiator Honsut (and two porters) has been recovered from the remains of the Illithid trading party that purchased him last month. The remains of the Illithid slaves were allowed to proceed to give witness to the fact that the recovery took place in Duergar territory that the trading group had arrogantly entered. Menzoberranzan’s current cessation of hostilities with Illithid traders was not impugned.

As always, cash paid on the barrelhead for excess young slaves. Platinum preferred for all exchanges.

/s Urgen Gneissheart, Trader.


[Letter delivered by an Orc slave courier. The courier also delivers a sealed scroll tube.]
[The letter is from a familiar buyer within House Mizzrym]

Greetings Urgen,

It is fortunate for the both of us that business has been good to you. Many of our typical routes have come under attack lately. We have had to resort to alternative methods of procuring our stock.

This brings me to the part that is good for you. We would like to trade for, and purchase, the remainder of your stock. Please bring what merchandise you have to House Myzzrim and present yourself as a trader under our banner. The message inside the scroll tube will be enough to ensure your safe passage.

For payment, I am able to offer you access to some magical items from the house vault or a house combat slave to escort you on your next journey.

Melath Mizzrym
Trademaster of House Mizzrym

Gneissheart Labor Supply Inventory

Is Urgen’s Craw Duergar?
Why do I feel my name under the “a house combat slave to escort you”…..lol

Gneissheart Labor Supply Inventory

[OOC] Not necessarily. I was actually thinking of using the hireling, or eventually henchmen, rules to furnish a reward for Craw.

Gneissheart Labor Supply Inventory

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